PetAlive Anal Glandz

I was just curious to see if their were any anal gland meds for dogs.. and came across this product. I’ve heard of petalive uti and bladder infection free but never heard of this one. Supposedly it’s a safe, effective and 100% natural that aids in cleaning the anal gland area and also reduce pain. Using it will help in natural emptying the glands to prevent abscesses caused by infections. Of course their is a “100% money back guarantee”, something that most companies offer.

You’ll need to have a cup of warm water (not too warm though) and add 5 - 10 drops to it. Get a clean cotton swab and apply gentle pressure over the anal opening. If your dogs anal glands are compacted or blocked, you should use this product daily and once everything is back to normal, use once a week.

You can get more information or buy the product below:

Dog Anal Glands

What are canine anal glands? Anal glands are two glands that are found on either side of your dog’s rectal opening (butt). Each anal gland has a small amount of brown smelly liquid that your pet uses like a dog calling card.

Anal glands receive a small amount of pressure when your dog urinates or defecates. That releases a little bit of fluid and your dog’s scent. You know when dogs meet and they raise their tails? This results in pressure to your dogs anal glands and leads to each dog trying to sniff the other’s butt, dogs can smell it but humans cannot. It’s like what humans do, instead of shaking hands, they sniff the other’s butt to get the other’s unique scent.